Miss Maine Teen USA

Grace Morey

Miss Maine Teen USA 2020

Hey there! My name is Grace Morey, and I am so incredibly honored to be your Miss Maine Teen USA 2020! For the entirety of my beautiful 16 years of life, I have been lucky enough to call Deer Isle-Stonington my home. This small island off the East Coast, consists of only about 2,000 people. You even have to cross a bridge, and causeway, to get to it!

I am a Junior at Deer Isle-Stonington High School. We are a 8th-12th grade school, but only consist of about 130 students! I’m so blessed to live in such a tight knit, supportive community. Through all of my endeavors, my community members are able to follow along, and show their love and support every step of the way. Living in a fishing community, I have learned how to work hard for my goals, and be resilient through the times when it is hard..

I come from a family of five. My mother works as a medical assistant for the town medical center, and my father works as a lobster fisherman. My siblings and I have always been very involved in our school, and community. I have participated in just about everything my school has to offer. Sports, coaching cheerleading, theater, student council, you name it, I’ve probably done it. However, a topic very near and dear to my heart, is our environment. I see the effects of climate change right here in my community. They affect me, and my family, absolutely every single day. This year, I hope to spread awareness about our current climate emergency, and educate all generations about their effect on the environment, which in turn, affects them. If all we work simultaneously to do our individual part, together we can diminish the impact of climate change not only in Maine, or the United States, but the World.

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