Executive Director
Laurie Clemente

Director of Operations
Anthony Clemente

Executive Producer
Kenneth Palmer

Contestant Coordinator/Office Manager
Michelle Spindler

Associate Director
Beth Tricca

Production Manager/Choreographer
Lori Dalessio

Executive Assistant
Paul Spindler

Talent Development
Lindsey Alston

Administrative Supervisor
Sandi Newcombe

Show Hosts
Ken Palmer
Jennifer Turner
Sal Malafronte

Delegate Supervisors
Stacey Blaine
Barbara Ewald
Stacy Hunter
Deb Smith

Production Assistants
Jane Marshall
Juli Roach

Judge Coordinators
Darryl Forbes
Ralph Melen

Jim Driscoll
Jeff Turner

Todd Ward Studios

Stage Design
Image Production Services


Lead Hair Stylist
Sal Malafronte – Mario Russo

Lead Makeup Artist
Rita Sorrentino Makeup – Mario Russo

Makeup Artists
Rob Thomas
Abby Saadi

Bella Sera

We’d like to extend our sincere appreciation to the many sponsors, and volunteers that are so generous with their time and services. We are grateful for your commitment to our program.