Final Sponsorship List

Please list up to 15 sponsors who you would like to acknowledge in this year’s Program Book.

If you need to make changes or amendments, please recreate another form in it’s entirety.

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  • Sponsorship List Tips

    1. To add more sponsors, press the + icon to the right of the List box.
    2. Please enter either the sponsor’s personal name OR business name, do not enter both. (Example: Susie Smith or Joe’s Automotive will be accepted. Susie Smith, Vice President of Joe’s Automotive will not be accepted.)
    3. Do not list the city of the business. (Example: Susie Smith’s of Augusta or Joe’s Automotive in Augusta, ME will not be accepted. Susie Smith or Joe’s Automotive will be accepted.
    4. Please keep the listing of first names to a minimum. (Example: Tom, John, James, Elizabeth, Mark, Kate, Adrian, Peyton, Colin, Heidi) Those could be written as “My Best Friends” or “My Co-Workers” or "My Work Family" or “The Jones Extended Family.”
    5. Consider using "Family & Friends" instead of every relative that helped you financially. (Example: Mom, Dad, Brother, Sisiter, Aunt Sue, Uncle John, My First Cousin Selena, My Great Grandmother Myrtle, My Other Aunt Sue, My Most Favorite Cutest Niece Sophie 😉 & My Dog Pookie…awww I love you Pookie!)

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